What You Should Know Before Selling For Sale By Owner

The thought of selling your Staten Island home in the current housing market seems like an OK idea. Houses are selling quickly and for over asking price right? But, is this the right decision to make with an asset worth as much as your home?

Although selling a home isn’t exactly rocket science, there is a lot that goes on during the transaction that a layperson knows nothing about. If you insist on doing it yourself, take some time to consider some of the most challenging aspects of the home selling process.

PRICE: How much should you ask? Knowing the current market value of your home in Staten Island is the most important parts of selling it. Pricing your home too low and you may leave money on the table. Pricing it too high and you may scare people away and lose precious time on the market. A stale house with too much time on the market will sit and languish until the price is lowered.

Marketing: How will you get the word out?

How will you get the word out to let everyone know that your Staten Island Home is For Sale?

The most crucial step is to identify who your target market is. Since real estate agents market homes for a living, they often have an idea of who the potential buyer for your home will be. They have programs through their brokerage that can identify and target market your home via various social media platforms to gain maximum exposure.

Paperwork: Which forms do you need to fill out?

A National Association of Realtors study found that filling out the paperwork was the most challenging aspects of the For Sale By Owner process. Secure the services of a local Real Estate Attorney who knows the area.

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